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Webcast Program - Listeners' Heartbeat

Are you looking for a magazine program that is entertaining, as well as informative and encouraging? Then look no further! Listeners' Heartbeat is an energetic and lively program where the hosts will take you on a journey to different countries around the world, introducing new songs and testimonies from listeners, as well as things that are close to your heart. The program also addresses some of the issues and questions that listeners ask in letters to TWR. Want to find out if your letter is being read on-air? Then tune in to Listeners' Heartbeat!


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Producers' Introduction / Greeting [mp3]

Hi! I am Jie Xin. I hope that you are doing well and thanks for supporting Listeners' Heartbeat!

I was deeply touched by our Lord while producing Listeners' Heartbeat. Every episode that you listen to, is filled with blessings! This program serves as a common platform between us. It is for us to glorify God and to witness His good works amongst us.

I remember this story: The rain had stopped, a little girl was walking along the path with her mother. She saw machine oil which was spilled on the road by someone else, and said "Mum! Look! That's a shattered rainbow!"

Perhaps you may be nursing a broken heart now, or having a shattered rainbow in your life. Maybe the pain in your heart is a barrier between you and God. But let us not forget that Jesus is close to the broken hearted.

Remember, Jesus understands how we feel, because He has been through it and suffered so much. However he resurrected and overcame all to be our King of Kings. He is our Lord, our good friend, and He is here for us in our times of need, as long as we give our all to Him and await His coming.

Please continue to write and share with me your experiences with God!

Jie Xin invites you to open the window to our hearts and share our happiness with the people around us! Let us glorify the name of our almighty God together! God Bless you!

Listen To The Program TWR 50th Annivesary Series 1 - Thanksgiving (11)

Webcast Program Descriptions > Food for Faith | Your Quest for God | The Word For Today | Radio Bible Project | School of Prayer | Listener Heartbeat

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Prayer Items
Some 100 miners have now been rescued from the flooded mine in Shanxi Province. Please pray for sufficient workers and equipment for the continued rescue efforts, and pray for the recovery of those rescued.
An 11 year-old child in mainland China donated all his savings, which came to ¥100,000, towards drought victims, living out the truth that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Pray that more people in China may be willing to respond in love to those affected by the drought.
Recent reports in China indicate that the physical health of young people have been on the decline for the past ten years. Pray that the government may establish effective measures and reforms to improve the physical and emotional health of youngsters.
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