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Webcast Program - School of Prayer

School Of Prayer is a program of compassion and encouragement. Reaching people in China for Christ is the heartbeat of this program. Comforting people in distress and encouraging them to call on their Savior is our mission. School of Prayer is also a platform providing opportunities for your cries to be heard, the Truth to be proclaimed, miracles to be performed, and God to be glorified. But whose prayer is accepted by God? What kind of prayer will be answered? What steps can we take when we pray? How mighty is our God who can answer our prayers in any kind of situation? As prayer is the breath of a Christian's spiritual life and the way to communicate with our God, you are invited to this prayer meeting on the air.


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Producer's Introduction / Greeting [mp3]

Hello, I am Jiexin. How are you? I am very happy to be able to produce School of Prayer, and have benefited a lot as well. I hope that this program will be able to help us draw closer to God!

There is a saying which goes: If our ears are not able to hear joyful sounds, the problem lies within our hearts, and not with our surroundings. Perhaps our hearts need to be purified. If our hearts tuned towards the music of God, and the sounds of Heaven, then everything around us will cause us to think of the Lord! If we are able to draw close to God, then everyday we will have God right here with us. Would there then be anything that can trouble us?

May this encourage you, like it has encouraged me! May you have a heart that desires a long lasting close relationship with God! May God's sufficient grace, bless us and help us in living a victorious Christian life! Amen!

Listen to the Program Prayer in Harmony With the Destiny of Harmony

Webcast Program Descriptions > Food for Faith | Your Quest for God | The Word For Today | Radio Bible Project | School of Prayer | Listener Heartbeat

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Prayer Items
Some 100 miners have now been rescued from the flooded mine in Shanxi Province. Please pray for sufficient workers and equipment for the continued rescue efforts, and pray for the recovery of those rescued.
An 11 year-old child in mainland China donated all his savings, which came to ¥100,000, towards drought victims, living out the truth that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Pray that more people in China may be willing to respond in love to those affected by the drought.
Recent reports in China indicate that the physical health of young people have been on the decline for the past ten years. Pray that the government may establish effective measures and reforms to improve the physical and emotional health of youngsters.
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